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Quiz: Are you happy at work?

It makes a difference. If you’re unhappy, it can show in your performance which will just make matters even worse. You’ll be passed over for promotions, causing additional unhappiness. It’s a vicious circle that you can end… if you know where you stand.

We don’t normally spend every day looking inside and studying our thoughts, feelings and actions to determine our lots in life. When’s the last time you made a choice because it consciously made you happier than another, easier choice? Use these questions to start seriously thinking about whether or not it’s time to move on to a new career that could help you be happier

Be brutally honest as you answer:

–Do you often find yourself reluctant to do anything extra at work, getting by on the bare minimum of effort?

–When you join a group of people, does the mood often shift? Does a group tend to break apart after you join it?

–When you talk with co-workers, is it just to complain about something work-related? Has anyone mentioned how negative you’ve become?

–Do you often find it hard to make it through the day without wondering what excuse you can use to leave early?

–Do you tell yourself that you’re ok with this job because it’s not where you’ll be forever?

–Do you find it annoying that people in your office are so chummy and chatty and wonder what they’re so excited about?

–Do you find that even when you’re trying to be helpful by explaining something or providing interesting information, people don’t want to seem to listen to you?

–Do you feel annoyed because people tend to refuse to acknowledge your greater experience or knowledge in an area, and instead, ignore your suggestions?

–Do people tend to gang up against you – when you’re arguing one side, everyone takes the other side, or when one person criticizes you, everyone else chimes in?

–Is it getting too difficult to drag yourself out of your bed/house with enough time to make it to work or are you often late?

–If good fortune befalls your co-workers, do you feel that their good fortune makes it somehow less likely that something good can happen to you?

A few “yes” answers to these questions may be a red flag that your source of unhappiness is your current job. Try posting your résumé online and keeping your eye out for new opportunities. You might really need to reassess your current career track and make completely sure that you’re headed to a place you’ll be happy with!

One Response

  1. I did answer yes to a few and I do agree that eventually I should find a new job, however it’s not nearly as easy as just putting a resume online. A co-worker tired that and was reprimanded for searching for another job. My company doesn’t permit that, really.

    It’s easier, for me at least, to start the job search on my own without the resume on careerbuilder or the like.

    Still, it is true, what you write. People should be happy in their jobs. Maybe everyone would be happier if they were!

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