The Dating/Job Hunting Parallel


If you’re still feeling hopeless about your job search it might be time to brush up on your dating skills. Have you ever considered how similar job hunting is to date hunting? Think about it. From promoting yourself through the ranks to exploring for new opportunities the similarities are endless.  

Allow me to illustrate my point that the two are more than a little parallel with a few examples. Consider your single self. You’ve decided that its time to put yourself back on the market. First you have to put yourself out there and make it known that you are available and looking. What do you do? You go out with friends to places where there are many people to mingle with. You try to meet as many people as possible in order to determine the best fit for your personality and your lifestyle. You might mention to friends and family what type of people you are interested in and what you need.

Now consider your unemployed self. You’re on the prowl for a new occupation and you need to make it known. What do you do? You network with friends and family, neighbors and maybe previous coworkers. You let them know that you are searching and what exactly you are searching for in terms of a job. You research career websites as much as possible in order to be up to date on what is available in your market. If you’re out with friends and happen to stumble upon someone who somewhat matches what you’re looking for you make the effort to reach out to them and see what exactly they have to offer. The same is true for a job. If you happen to hear of an available position then you should reach out to the company’s HR department, submit your résumé and schedule an interview to see if there is a mutual fit.  And just like a new relationship, your guard is up with a new employer and a new position. You wouldn’t reveal all of your bad habits to a new boyfriend just like you wouldn’t to a new employer. It’s necessary to always put your best foot forward when approaching a new relationship and a new job.  

If you’re still having trouble seeing the light I’m shining, then Google “dating tips”. Within the first search page you will have more than enough inspiration to apply to your job search. For example, “Get prepared for dating [working]…decide who [what] you are looking for. Do your research and commit to dating [working].” “Get your image right. Don’t go overboard and become someone you are not, but spruce yourself up a little bit. People appreciate appearance.” And my personal favorite, “Choose those that you have a good chance of dating [becoming employed with], don’t aim low but do aim realistically.” 

It’s important to be mindful of your goals and aspirations when dating and searching for a new job. And with either it is important to remember that if someone doesn’t want you it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with you. You just have to get back out there and be more creative in your search.

Happy Hunting!


3 Responses

  1. an interesting analogy but i buy it. i am employed but it just doesn’t feel right. as if, i am dating someone who is not quite my type. cheers!

  2. Excellent analogy – I really liked it and felt you brought up some good points. Especially with the appearance part; what you wear and how you take care of yourself reflects a lot during a job interview.


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