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    Job Match Now offers employers access to a whole new community of job seekers. If you know someone who might be interested in another job, that opportunity might be with Job Match Now as a recruiter.
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Press Release – www.jobmatchnow.net

Job Match Now offers regionalized services to recruiters

National recruiting network offers local expertise for every region in the country


May 7, 2008 — Newark, NJ – Job Match Now (www.jobmatchnow.net) answers the call of the recruitment industry desperate for regional knowledge and expertise with their vast network of local level recruiters.

Due to recession fears, recruiters are being contacted by large amounts of candidates hoping to improve their career prospects. What the majority of recruiters are in most need of is assistance coordinating with employers at a local level. Job Match Now is uniquely positioned to offer that aid.

Job Match Now utilizes the power of the personal network to connect top-notch applicants with exciting new positions. Networking amongst friends and colleagues is the surest way to find a new job, accounting for as much as 60% of the market by some estimates. Typically, this is done as favors for free. Job Match Now offers the opportunity for its recruiters to be paid every time a qualified candidate is hired through that recruiter’s personal network.

The real benefit to the current state of the employment industry is that these recruiters are not only experts in their respective fields, but are intimately familiar with their local market’s requirements.

Major recruitment firms are centrally located and require assistance gauging the needs of local communities to best serve their growing candidate pool. Job Match Now’s growing network of recruiters can fill that gap, providing the greatest amount of help for applicants.


About Job Match Now (www.jobmatchnow.net): JMN is  a privately owned company, dedicated to assisting employers reach the most qualified individuals to improve their company by utilizing the power of peer-to-peer networking to penetrate a group of people that traditional methods do not reach, as well as to help applicants find jobs outside of the conventional channels.

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