Searching Out of State

It is hard enough to find a job within the city where you live. Try finding a job in a different state. Where do you begin your search? How can you come in for an interview if you live over 500 miles away? Let me help you out a bit.

Your first step is to ask for a job transfer. This is the easiest way to secure a job in another state if your company has offices throughout the United States. Talk to someone in Human Resources about your options and see what they can recommend. If your company is exclusive to your current hometown, see if Human Resources can still help you set up interviews at similar companies in your new state.

If you can’t transfer then the next step is to look online for job postings. Go to job boards to look within you new city and post your resume online. Contact employers over the Internet and explain that you are relocating and would like the chance to discuss opportunities. Using the Internet is the fastest and most productive way to job search out of state.

Finally remember to talk to friends, family, and co-workers about your job search. Word of mouth is the best way to hear about positions and companies you have never heard of before and would have never considered.

If you are able to utilize one of these tactics to land an interview make sure you don’t have any scheduling conflicts. Interviewing out of state takes some consideration into what you are missing at your current job back home and how many trips you have to make for interviews. Be efficient and try to schedule numerous interviews in one trip. This way it is cost effective and saves time spent on traveling. If a hiring manager invites you back for a second interview tell him or her that you are only in town for a few days and it would be helpful to schedule the next interview while you are still in the area. Finding a new job out of state can be easy if you network and make the most of your time, energy and money that is put into job searching and interviewing.


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