Become a VIP Member of the Employment Club

You know those hundreds of thousands of people that have been laid off from their jobs in the past year? Well you are lucky you aren’t one of them! To stay in the popular employment club here are some ways to protect your job:

Take the time to track your accomplishments. Your boss is not going to make a mental note of every applause-worthy achievement you have cranked out for the company. If you make a list of the projects you have worked on and your skills that you contribute to the company then you can easily present your accomplishments to your employer at review time. Your employer will be astounded by how much work you do when you present it to him or her on paper.

Never be too busy to take on new projects. Employers love flexibility and employees who are always up for a challenge. Taking on a greater work load and more responsibilities shows that you are valuable and a jack of all trades within your company.

Make sure your little mouse voice is heard! Don’t be afraid to speak up and provide new solutions and ideas. Employers love creative and innovative employees who want to solve the problems faced at work. Be a positive team player and you will be sure to be noticed by your boss. Being part of the employment club is what all the cool kids are doing so follow these valuable tips on how to protect your job during economic uncertainty.


Mend Your Giant Job Ego

Most of us identify ourselves with our job title right? People ask “what do you do?” and you can mark your place on the social scale and corporate ladder by telling people how important you are. And how big your ego is. Today many people rarely identify themselves with their other qualities and roles they play in life other than their job title. You can be a mom, dad, sister, friend, or mentor but people only seem to think highly of your glorified job title.

So what happens if you lose your job? Your position went down the drain and so did your worth. Not true. Even if you lost your job and the title of Senior Vice President you still have the same qualities, capabilities, humor, talents, and compassion that you had before. You can still have power and a sense of accomplishment even if you aren’t linked up to a pompous job title. You need to start looking at who you are as a person and not how your ego and status at work define you.

You have to understand that your self worth is more than the money you make. Your ego isn’t linked hand in hand with your position in the working world. You have to look at the qualities that contribute to who you are; the qualities that make you a good friend, a partner, a parent, or a caregiver. The point is that there are underlying qualities to boost your ego that don’t have to relate to your job title and the money you make. Identify who you are as a person, how you are unique, why people like you, and how you make people laugh. Those characteristics will outlast your career. A title is just a title; it doesn’t define you as a person.

Putting All Your Eggs in One Basket

If you put all your eggs in one basket you will experience one of two things: tragedy or joy. The outcome will be exactly how you wanted it to be or you will be absolutely crushed if it didn’t go your way. There really is no middle ground. My best friend recently put all of her eggs into one basket when applying for a job. Caution to the wise: do not do what she did!

My friend has a good head on her shoulders. She had good grades and recently graduated with a bachelor of fine arts degree. She has wanted to work in an art museum for quite some time now but she never found any job position that would be a perfect match. Unfortunately, she was severely limited in her job search because the only city she wanted to live in was Dallas. She went to college in Dallas and absolutely fell in love with the city. So she applied for her perfect job a few months ago at an art museum in Dallas. I’m not just saying this because she is my best friend, but the girl is qualified. Internships at art museums, a fine art degree, studying art abroad in France, oh the list can go on and on. She decided not to apply to any other jobs because this was her dream job and she was positive she would get it. The director at the art museum had reviewed her resume and was deciding between a few candidates. He would contact her in a few days.

A month later she still had not heard anything. She e-mailed, she called, and she moped around for two months. Finally someone from the museum returned her e-mail and said they were sorry but they had picked another candidate. Yup, it happens. She was so sure she was going to get the job that she started searching for apartments in Dallas and even told the restaurant she worked at that she was moving. She had no backup plan and is still stuck waiting tables.

Moral of the story: don’t put all your eggs in one basket! If you are a job seeker you should know to apply to as many jobs as possible because you never know what is going to happen. Applying to your dream job is wonderful, but you need to be realistic and have backup plans in case your first choice doesn’t work out. Don’t be dumb about your job search. Prepare yourself for every possible outcome.

Bonjour! Privyet! Ciao!

When I lived in Russia it was customary to see people buying beer from local street vendors and drinking on their lunch break at work (or in the morning on their way to work!). Can you imagine drinking at work in the United States? Or being able to grab a beer on the side of the street like a hot dog stand? Traveling abroad is one of the most eye opening experiences and will enrich your life in numerous ways. If you have ever been hesitant about leaving your comfort zone and entering a daunting and foreign place then this article is for you.

You only live once. So might as well take some risks, meet new people, and experience new cultures that you never knew existed outside of your little town in Kansas. Working abroad can bring you adventure. From viewing Peter the Great’s chamber of oddities in Russia to eating live eel in Japan you never know what uncertainties lay ahead. After a long day at work you can visit the Eiffel tower or stroll past the Parthenon; activities that are not as common to the American who jumps into his or her car after work. Not only do you get adventure but you can absorb the culture of the country you are working in. Every day you will be faced with differences and learn how people in that country live life in a way you are unfamiliar with. You will gain a greater global perspective and get to see the US through the eyes of another culture.

Working abroad will help your career grow and will challenge you every day. You will be able to step outside of the typical career paths that the United States has to offer and will be forced to work with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures. From a career standpoint, international experience looks outstanding on a resume and shows that you can conduct business on a global scale.

The experience of working abroad can provide you with fluency in a country’s language. Sure you probably won’t master the entire language, but you can learn more than you already know and become bi-lingual (which always looks great on your resume!). If you already know bits and pieces of a language then working abroad is a great way to keep practicing.

You will definitely gain valuable knowledge and life experience by working abroad. If you have the chance it is a great opportunity if you are a recent graduate and don’t have a family to support yet. Find out which country sparks your interest and start applying for that visa!