Mend Your Giant Job Ego

Most of us identify ourselves with our job title right? People ask “what do you do?” and you can mark your place on the social scale and corporate ladder by telling people how important you are. And how big your ego is. Today many people rarely identify themselves with their other qualities and roles they play in life other than their job title. You can be a mom, dad, sister, friend, or mentor but people only seem to think highly of your glorified job title.

So what happens if you lose your job? Your position went down the drain and so did your worth. Not true. Even if you lost your job and the title of Senior Vice President you still have the same qualities, capabilities, humor, talents, and compassion that you had before. You can still have power and a sense of accomplishment even if you aren’t linked up to a pompous job title. You need to start looking at who you are as a person and not how your ego and status at work define you.

You have to understand that your self worth is more than the money you make. Your ego isn’t linked hand in hand with your position in the working world. You have to look at the qualities that contribute to who you are; the qualities that make you a good friend, a partner, a parent, or a caregiver. The point is that there are underlying qualities to boost your ego that don’t have to relate to your job title and the money you make. Identify who you are as a person, how you are unique, why people like you, and how you make people laugh. Those characteristics will outlast your career. A title is just a title; it doesn’t define you as a person.


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