Become a VIP Member of the Employment Club

You know those hundreds of thousands of people that have been laid off from their jobs in the past year? Well you are lucky you aren’t one of them! To stay in the popular employment club here are some ways to protect your job:

Take the time to track your accomplishments. Your boss is not going to make a mental note of every applause-worthy achievement you have cranked out for the company. If you make a list of the projects you have worked on and your skills that you contribute to the company then you can easily present your accomplishments to your employer at review time. Your employer will be astounded by how much work you do when you present it to him or her on paper.

Never be too busy to take on new projects. Employers love flexibility and employees who are always up for a challenge. Taking on a greater work load and more responsibilities shows that you are valuable and a jack of all trades within your company.

Make sure your little mouse voice is heard! Don’t be afraid to speak up and provide new solutions and ideas. Employers love creative and innovative employees who want to solve the problems faced at work. Be a positive team player and you will be sure to be noticed by your boss. Being part of the employment club is what all the cool kids are doing so follow these valuable tips on how to protect your job during economic uncertainty.


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