Treadmill Desks?

At last, a way to stay fit while you work! The treadmill desk, which is basically a treadmill with a large tray on top that holds a computer, phone etc. While this idea may be a bit too extreme for your office, there are other actual, beneficial exercises that can be performed right at your desk, or at least discretely within your workspace.

Now, more than ever, it is important to watch your health if you are confined to a desk all day. People are working longer hours with more stress. Not only is it harder to hit the gym, but your nerves tend to be completely fried after a full day’s work.

Here are a few simple exercises to try out while you work:

* Wrists: To avoid the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome, do a wrist stretch by extending the arm with palm up while grabbing fingers with the other hand. Gently pull the hand downwards. Repeat on other wrist.

* Back:

Stretching revitalizes both the body and mind. Simply grab the back of a chair, and then slowly  turn around so that you are looking over your shoulders. Repeat to stretch out both sides of the back.

To avoid compression of the spinal vertebrae, make sure to get up out of your chair and stretch after a long phone call. Consider investing in a headset for frequent phone use.

Also, to spare extra stain on your back, try to wear comfortable shoes. If your dress shoes bother you, bring an extra pair of casual, comfortable shoes to slide on while at your desk.

*Quadriceps: Easy leg lifts target the front of the thighs. These lifts can be done while sitting straight in your desk chair with your back pressed straight and firmly again the chair back.

* Back, abs and legs: Consider replacing your traditional desk chair with an exercise ball. The balancing act will strengthen many muscle groups.

Rejuvenate you mind and body everyday without sacrificing any work time. Even constructively use your lunch hour by walking a few laps around the building or simply taking the stairs when possible. You will then be able to return home after a long work day feeling refreshed.


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