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Become a VIP Member of the Employment Club

You know those hundreds of thousands of people that have been laid off from their jobs in the past year? Well you are lucky you aren’t one of them! To stay in the popular employment club here are some ways to protect your job:

Take the time to track your accomplishments. Your boss is not going to make a mental note of every applause-worthy achievement you have cranked out for the company. If you make a list of the projects you have worked on and your skills that you contribute to the company then you can easily present your accomplishments to your employer at review time. Your employer will be astounded by how much work you do when you present it to him or her on paper.

Never be too busy to take on new projects. Employers love flexibility and employees who are always up for a challenge. Taking on a greater work load and more responsibilities shows that you are valuable and a jack of all trades within your company.

Make sure your little mouse voice is heard! Don’t be afraid to speak up and provide new solutions and ideas. Employers love creative and innovative employees who want to solve the problems faced at work. Be a positive team player and you will be sure to be noticed by your boss. Being part of the employment club is what all the cool kids are doing so follow these valuable tips on how to protect your job during economic uncertainty.

Press Release – www.jobmatchnow.net

Job Match Now offers regionalized services to recruiters

National recruiting network offers local expertise for every region in the country


May 7, 2008 — Newark, NJ – Job Match Now (www.jobmatchnow.net) answers the call of the recruitment industry desperate for regional knowledge and expertise with their vast network of local level recruiters.

Due to recession fears, recruiters are being contacted by large amounts of candidates hoping to improve their career prospects. What the majority of recruiters are in most need of is assistance coordinating with employers at a local level. Job Match Now is uniquely positioned to offer that aid.

Job Match Now utilizes the power of the personal network to connect top-notch applicants with exciting new positions. Networking amongst friends and colleagues is the surest way to find a new job, accounting for as much as 60% of the market by some estimates. Typically, this is done as favors for free. Job Match Now offers the opportunity for its recruiters to be paid every time a qualified candidate is hired through that recruiter’s personal network.

The real benefit to the current state of the employment industry is that these recruiters are not only experts in their respective fields, but are intimately familiar with their local market’s requirements.

Major recruitment firms are centrally located and require assistance gauging the needs of local communities to best serve their growing candidate pool. Job Match Now’s growing network of recruiters can fill that gap, providing the greatest amount of help for applicants.


About Job Match Now (www.jobmatchnow.net): JMN is  a privately owned company, dedicated to assisting employers reach the most qualified individuals to improve their company by utilizing the power of peer-to-peer networking to penetrate a group of people that traditional methods do not reach, as well as to help applicants find jobs outside of the conventional channels.

How to Shine in Your Phone Interview

You apparently did a great job in impressing the hiring manager with your resume. Now you need to prepare yourself for the imperative phone interview. Successfully answering the posed questions is key to securing a face-to-face interview or landing the job altogether. How can you blow away the employer over the phone and make yourself pop off of that resume they are holding in front of them?

First you need to set yourself apart from other candidates. Brand yourself and sell your unique aspects to the employer. Make sure that he or she knows your specific talents and why you are so valuable. This will help hiring managers remember you when it comes time to separating applicants from the pack. On the phone it is also important to have a positive attitude and show enthusiasm. Because you aren’t face-to-face you need to use the inflection in your voice to show interest in the job. Next, make sure you are listening and answering carefully. Answer appropriately to the question you were asked and don’t ramble off topic. It is important that you stay alert to the questions and stay on topic because you can’t see an employer’s body language if he or she is getting bored with you. The next step is probably the most important; research the company! Be prepared to talk about why you are interested in the company. If you do your research you are able to flatter the employer by talking about specific campaigns and how you are impressed with the goals and projects of the company.

At the end of your phone interview you need to make sure that you know your next step with the company. Make sure you write down the name of the person you were speaking to and get the information for your follow up interview. Be positive, polite and show interest in the company. You can land that job with this little push in the right direction.

How to Love the Job You Hate

We already discovered why you hate your job. So now let’s find remedies for the situation. You’ve probably run out of excuses for why you are always sick or why you have so many “family emergencies” and it’s time to change the way you perceive work. Put that negative energy and bad attitude away and open your mind to some helpful thoughts.

First of all, you need to learn how to communicate. Tell your boss how you feel, make friends in the office, eat lunch with others, and be a team player. Communication is essential to happiness. You will get the feeling that others in your office understand you and might be having the same rough time at work. Next you need to delegate. If you take on every project yourself your head is going to explode. Not literally, but your head will hurt pretty badly. Your co-workers are there to help you. Reach out to them if you need assistance with a project and the giant migraine will disappear soon enough. You also need to seek feedback from your co-workers and boss. Hearing praise every now and then will boost your self-esteem and your motivation to keep working as hard as you do. When you think you have done an outstanding job on an assignment, make sure others notice.

Make sure to have a little fun at work. Your office isn’t going to go to shambles if you take fifteen minutes to chat with a co-worker about last night’s episode of American Idol. Go ahead and laugh with other employees. You can have harmless fun as long as you also get your work done. Now here is a step that we all know but we probably don’t follow: be nice to your body and soul! Eat healthy, exercise, and get the right amount of sleep. You will feel a thousand times better and you won’t be the office grump anymore. And finally, get a life! Go do something fun outside of work. Make it home in time to play outside with your dog or go get ice cream with your family. Set a night once a week when you can go to a movie with your friends or go out dancing. Stop wishing that you had the time to do all these fun things and start making them a reality. Life won’t end because you had a little fun. Start communicating, reach out to others, have fun at work, and rid your brain of all the negativity and hate!

The Pet Peeves That Drive You to Hate Your Job

“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar”.
–Drew Carey

It’s sad but true. Most of us hate our jobs. But why? Besides the obvious reason that you have to wake up early and actually go exert some effort in what you do, what is so horrific about working? Why are we all slaves to our career? Let’s explore some of the reasons why people hate their jobs.

1. You have idiot managers. You know you can do their job better than them and it drives you nuts!

2. Office politics. Whispering, backstabbing, gossiping, and a slew of other remarks that make you want to pull out your hair.

3. Long commutes. As if the work day wasn’t long enough you have to add an hour or two roundtrip drive on top of that.

4. No pat on the back for a job well done. You work your butt off and you never hear praise for it. It probably makes you cry a little on the inside that you are under appreciated, but your boss could care less that you pulled an all-nighter for that amazing work.

5. You have meetings in your off-hours. Why the heck was the meeting scheduled at 6 pm when you are getting ready to leave? And don’t even get me started on meetings that are held on the weekends!

6. The job you applied for has a different meaning then what you thought you would be doing. Half the time we commit to a job with a great title and minimum explanations on what the job has in store. Then we actually realize our job encompasses a whole lot more that we hadn’t bargained for.

So don’t get depressed about these things. The point of bringing these reasons to your attention is to refute the statement that we all hate our jobs. After all, hate is such a strong word. The only reason we hate these things is because we think we can’t change them. But all employees can turn hate into love with a little coaching. Stay tuned and learn how to stop groaning when that alarm clock goes off in the morning.

Background checks. Oh, they matter.

Did you know that a potential employer could ask your neighbors about you? Under a background check, an interview of neighbors and friends is considered an ‘investigative consumer report’ and is perfectly legal. While they must inform you of their doing so, it is perfectly alright for them to ask about your character, style of living and other such questions.  

While most employers don’t check out their candidates this extensively, they certainly have the right to do so. If this worries you, you may want to check out why they’re doing such an extensive background check on you and what it’s all about.  

In the narrowing job market, employers are taking hiring more seriously. Fewer jobs means more applications for each opening they do have and presumably, they want the best of the best. This means that, while it’s more effort, background checks will possibly become more routine.  

Also, don’t forget the Google factor. The easiest way to quickly assess someone for a position is to Google them. Do you know what’s out there under your name? Remember, you are what Google says you are.  

One more thing. MySpace and Facebook are really great networking tools. But they’re also really great for potentially ruining your job search. It’s nice to go out and party every once in a while, but remember to have your friends NOT put up those pictures when you’re looking for a job. Even if you’re not, you don’t want your reputation made for you.