How to Love the Job You Hate

We already discovered why you hate your job. So now let’s find remedies for the situation. You’ve probably run out of excuses for why you are always sick or why you have so many “family emergencies” and it’s time to change the way you perceive work. Put that negative energy and bad attitude away and open your mind to some helpful thoughts.

First of all, you need to learn how to communicate. Tell your boss how you feel, make friends in the office, eat lunch with others, and be a team player. Communication is essential to happiness. You will get the feeling that others in your office understand you and might be having the same rough time at work. Next you need to delegate. If you take on every project yourself your head is going to explode. Not literally, but your head will hurt pretty badly. Your co-workers are there to help you. Reach out to them if you need assistance with a project and the giant migraine will disappear soon enough. You also need to seek feedback from your co-workers and boss. Hearing praise every now and then will boost your self-esteem and your motivation to keep working as hard as you do. When you think you have done an outstanding job on an assignment, make sure others notice.

Make sure to have a little fun at work. Your office isn’t going to go to shambles if you take fifteen minutes to chat with a co-worker about last night’s episode of American Idol. Go ahead and laugh with other employees. You can have harmless fun as long as you also get your work done. Now here is a step that we all know but we probably don’t follow: be nice to your body and soul! Eat healthy, exercise, and get the right amount of sleep. You will feel a thousand times better and you won’t be the office grump anymore. And finally, get a life! Go do something fun outside of work. Make it home in time to play outside with your dog or go get ice cream with your family. Set a night once a week when you can go to a movie with your friends or go out dancing. Stop wishing that you had the time to do all these fun things and start making them a reality. Life won’t end because you had a little fun. Start communicating, reach out to others, have fun at work, and rid your brain of all the negativity and hate!