Back to school: Not just for the kids


The mere thought of returning to school after an extended vacation is frightening enough for some adults to disregard the option all together. Or perhaps you’re one of the many who would jump at the chance but can’t seem to figure out how school would fit into your already overloaded schedule. 

In today’s age of technology the solution is simple: online courses.  

Online courses put the class time in your hands. They give you the flexibility necessary when scheduling car pool and class time. If you have school age children online courses let you focus on school while your children are out of the house during the day. If you’re more nocturnal you can catch up on your work after the kids are in bed. And if you’re working and going to school flexibility is just that more important. Schedule your test time after your afternoon meeting. Or, bring a lunch and do work then.  

Online courses eliminate wasted travel time. Your time is valuable. And if your closest campus isn’t just around the corner the time spent driving to and from school is time lost. If you travel frequently for your job it would be impossible to keep up with classes. But with online courses all you need is an internet connection.  

Online courses give adults the opportunity to become more tech-savvy. If you’re intimidated by the idea of communicating with your professors and classmates solely through the internet then chances are your eight year old is still turning on the computer for you. Once you familiarize yourself with the basics, the time needed to comprehend new software and online resources will be cut in half. Then you can give your kids a few pointers.  

And that’s just the beginning. Most instructors update the online calendar frequently making it easy to anticipate upcoming assignments and tests and even finish them ahead of schedule giving you even more free time. And by making your home office your new classroom you can even go to class in your pajamas. Just like the old days.