The Four Resume No-No’s

You know your resume better be brilliant because that flimsy sheet of paper is going to decide your employment fate. People have so many errors on their resumes nowadays that it is blinding. Most employers aren’t going to waste their time looking at a piece of paper with such elementary mistakes. There are four glaring resume errors that we need to discuss to save you the humiliation and job rejection that happens to hopeful job seekers on a daily basis.

Take out the irrelevant information. Seriously. No offense, but no one cares that you had the best smile on your dance team or that you baked the best brownies in home economics. Employers want to see information about your skills and how you can be an asset to their company. If you happen to come along with some great baking skills then they lucked out. Show employers that you are good at communicating and delivering what they want to see.

If you are going to take the time to rack your brain remembering years worth of experience, then take the time to make your resume presentable. I don’t mean putting it on pink paper and spraying it with perfume in a Legally Blonde Elle Woods manner, but take some time to format it. Make sure the font is the same throughout the page, the spacing is appropriate, and everything is legible without smushing all the content together. Bottom line – don’t be lazy!

This next no-no should be obvious: don’t be boring. If you were a secretary don’t say “I did administrative work”. Wow, really? We all know what secretaries do. But how did you stand out? How are you different? Have vibrant explanations that an employer will remember. Next you need to remember your focus. Center in on the job you are applying for and shine the spotlight on your accomplishments that relate to the job.

Finally, don’t have large chunks of text cluttering the paper. It is much easier for an employer to quickly scan your accomplishments then try and read large paragraphs of text. Keep your resume clean, simple and employer friendly. Just remember that you are writing a resume, not a novel.