The Attack of the Mid-Life Crisis

Are you in your 40’s and tired, bored and sick of the daily grind? Is it that time in your life when you have the frightening thought of staying with your job or doing something totally daring and spontaneous in your life? Well we are all going to get to that point eventually. Let me tell you something – change isn’t a bad thing! After sitting in the same cubicle for twenty plus years we think of change as a monster in the workforce. But this isn’t the Boogieman lurking in the dark waiting to whisk you off to some new and foreign cubicle. This is a look at reality, your life and what you decide to make of it.

First you need to make a critical self-assessment. What are you good at? What do you have a degree in? Find your strengths and see how they can help you in the job force. Also, take the time to assess yourself and your skills in today’s world. Are your technology skills outdated? Do you have up to date computer and Internet proficiencies? See where you would stand in the current job force if you became an applicant.

After you make this self-assessment you can see if you need to go back to school or not. Did you leave school for some extra cash to waitress and never made it back to earn a degree? Maybe now is the time to get that degree or take a few computer classes. Going back to school can lead you down a completely new and interesting job path.

Make sure you study the job market. See what jobs are hot right now and do your research on the careers you are interested in. What if you have a passion for real estate but the market is sluggish right now? Think of all of the different paths you can take and the different career choices. Maybe even think of relocating to spice things up a bit. Whatever you decide you have to take the time to research the job market and the specific industries that interest you. If you have always wanted to own your own boutique then by all means go for it. Just make sure you understand how a business works and how much it costs before you quit your job now.

Everyone is going to go through a mid-life crisis. Just don’t get rash and quit your job without a plan of action! Evaluate the situation and see if you are really ready for that change in your life. It’s not as scary as you think.